€ 18,00

ENGLISH: THIS IS ONE TICKET FOR ADULT FOR Adela Elbel Show! She is Czech Stand up comedian, she will come with her new ONE WOMAN SHOW to Amsterdam on 7.3.2020 and will be performing in Czech language at the Mike's Badhuistheater Amsterdam (from 8:15pm) FACEBOOK EVENT HERE


CESKY: TOTO JE PLATNA VSTUPENKA NA ADELA ELBEL SHOW in Amsterdam. 7.3.2020 v Mike's Badhuistheater (Boerhaaveplein 28) Amsterdam. Od 20:15 hod. Adelku znate treba z NA STOJAKA a u nas v Amsterdamu vystupovala uz dvakrat. Tentokrate na to bude sama , ale PRAHU AJ BRNO VYPRODALA toz AMSTERAM PADNE TAKY ;)



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